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Which area of Brazil does the EZBB work?

Brazil is a little bit smaller than the U.S.A.

The coastline of Brazil is 1.491 km (990 miles) ! The climate is merely tropical, but more mildly in the South. During the winter, there the temperature can drop to 5o Celsius (41°F). Brazil consists of huge forest (67%) and some cities have over a million inhabitants. Between the large cities are good asphalt roads, but the rest of the roads consists of red clay, that turns into sloughs after heavy rainfall. There is a lot of disforestation.

Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Natal and NovaCruz

Rio Grande do Norte (RN)

is one of the 26 provinces of Brazil, in the North-East of Brazil.

The province RN has 167 cities with a total area of 52.811 km2. The population is estimated in 2013 of approximately 3,2 millions inhabitants. The capital Natal is near the coast and it has a large beach, however the most famous is Ponta Negra.
Rio Grande do Norte (RN) has a good life expectancy: 74 years.
RN is a poor province compared to the provinces in the South of Brazil, but it is accountable for 95% of production of salt the Brazil.
The climate is tropical while the summer and winter has temperatures of 27 -35 Celsius. The coasts areas has rain, but internal it suffers many times from drought and the inhabitants are required to buy (pricely) water from trucks that transport the water.
RN has an important history of culture, famous for its culinary kitchen, folklore, literature and music.

Photo of the 3 Wise Men in Natal


Am area total of 169 kilometres2 with 774.230 inhabitants (2013).
In the summer a temperature with an average of 36°C. In the winter a temperature with an average of 26°C.

Natal lives primary of tourism. Famous beaches are Ponta Negra and Dunas Park.
When you are travelling from Parnamirim to Natal, you will see the star of Bethlehem an the three wise men from the East.

Parnamirim is a suburb of Natal.

An area total of 126 kilometres2 with 172.750 inhabitants.

Nova Cruz has 36.561 inhabitants.

It has many street children abandoned by their single mothers.

São Gonçalo do Amarante is a new city located at the highway from Natal to the new international airport. Where we hope to start our new project: to build a evangelical school for children in the age of 4 to 14 years, a health centre and a church Parousia.



Salvador is the capital of the province Bahia.

The total area is 706 km2 with 2.675.000 inhabitants (2010).
The nights can be cold (10°C/50°F) during the winter with temperatures during daytime of 30°C (86°F). In the summer the average temperature is 40°C (104°F).

Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais)

The total area is 331 kilometres2 with 2.475.000 habitants (2010).
The nights can be cold 8°C during the winter with temperatures during daytime of 30°C. In the summer the average temperature is 35°C.

BETIM is a suburb of Belo Horizonte.

The total area is 346 kilometres2 with 415.000 habitants.





Parnamirim - RN