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John 3:16

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The Gospel of John - Bible study

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

What does this mean?

Let us study the gospel of John. Gods love (AGAPE) was so huge, that He sent His Son to earth and let Him born as a human being. As human being, Jesus could live and experience life as human, with all its temptations of sin, misery and illnesses. At the age of 33, Jesus had the experience how evil the human being really was, his very own people shouted: Away with Him, Crucify Him, this due to the incorrect assumption that He had come to deliver them from the yoke of the Romans.
However, Jesus was not send to earth to free the Jewish people from the yoke of the Romans, but to die and take the punishment of their sins unto Him.
Jesus died at the Cross of Golgotha, and after three days conquered death. Then Jesus Christ raised from the death and promised that everyone who believes that he/she is a sinner and believes that Jesus Christ died for his/her sins, will receive eternal life in Heaven (see also 1 Corinthians 15:35-49).

Is the human being a sinner?

Yes, without any doubt. Why? Everyone of us is performing against the Will of God. God requests people not to lie, not to want what belongs to another person, to love God, not to steal, to provide no false testimony, to love your father and your mother, and to love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 19:17) to provide food for the hungry (Matthew 25:37). How often to we not think first of our own? So, yes we are sinners.
Well, might you say, why should I let carry my punishment by somebody else, which I deserve, that is not fair?
Since people sins daily, every day the punishment is growing. The punishment becomes so huge, that it will become unbearable to receive the punishment himself. God has in His Love offered an opportunity to people to take over this punishment. However man must, everyone personally, accept this offer, namely: Believe that Jesus Christ died for his/her sins.

But I do not understand this at all?

Well, let me explain it by illustration. James (18 years) goes into the jeweler's and he sees no salesmen. He waits for five, ten minutes, and then the temptations grow too much for him. He takes a diadem (value of 1 million). At ease, he walks out of the shop. What a pity, outside there is a policeman waiting for him. James is caught and guided to the judge.
The judge passes sentence: 30 years of forced labour in imprisonment. Away thirty years of his young life. Away the chance to meet a lovely wife and to have a family.
However, James is very lucky, a stranger stands up and informs the judge that he is willing to take James' place.
What will James do? Will he seize this opportunity with both hands and be remorseful and start a new life? Or is he stubborn and refuses the offer and throw away his life to serve thirty years imprisonment and hard labour?

Or let us follow the story of Andrea and Chris. Andrea is a vet, and visits regularly the zoo. At a certain day, he is bitten by a cobra. Urgently he is taken into hospital. Unfortunately, it turns out that he is allergic for horse serum and therefore that cannot administer the anti-serum. The only hope is a snake breeder, named Chris, who is often bitten by snakes and he has sufficient antibodies in his blood, so that by means of a complete blood transfusion, he is able to save Andrea's life.
The question is, what will Andrea do, does she refuse the blood transfusion and the antibodies, or does she not accept the offer?
Luckily, Andrea had the sense to accept the offer and the new blood saved her life.

Likewise as by Andrea her blood was poisoned by the poison of the cobra, so the human blood is poisoned by sin. Only the new blood of Chris could save Andrea's life. So also by man, only by accepting Jesus Christ's blood, man can be saved and start a new life and have life in Heaven.

Man has the opportunity to accept Gods offer. Every day delay can be too late. Since daily people die in traffic or get a heart attack. Waiting with your decision, may mean that it might be too late for you and Heaven will be closed for you (Matthew 25:11-13). Then you must bear the punishment yourself, and after death you will NOT go to Heaven, but to the lake of fire

Well, is it that easy?

Is that the truth? Why then do so few people believe? Why do so many people search their faith in acupuncture, yoga, Buddha, and other religions?
People wishes to have a grip. They find it easier to worship a stone image, than an invisible God in Heaven. Acupuncture and yoga at least give an immediately strength. But its origin is eastern believe and idol worshipping. And its temporary strength comes from demonic forces, the enemies of God (Satan and his fallen angels).

But God and the fallen angels I cannot see them?

That is correct. The universe is immense huge, that people are not able to see Heaven. But, just through that it shows the magnitude of God. The universe is ordained, so that must have been a Creator. Man is not capable to travel millions of light years in order to travel to Heaven. Also the sight of man is limited to a certain spectra. Infrared man cannot see without aids. Therefore one does not need to wonder why one cannot see angels, simply because there are out of his view (spectra).
However, some have experience the presence of God or His angels, for example when a car was coming straight upon us and stopped just in time. As if a guardian angel stopped the car. So I do not think, it is hard to accept that there is a living God and to accept the presence of angels.
But there are also revolting angels (fallen angels) who do not accept Gods authority and they try everything to make life as miserable for God and those persons who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
This explains why also the life of a Christian (one who accept Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour of his/her sins) is troublesome. Also a Christian struggles with his/her sinful nature, and continues it find it hard to life accordingly to the Will of God. And struggles with the earthly material richness, seeing his fellow people are rich and having a prosperous life.
But, how often are these things not gain at the costs of another person? Sometimes people walk over dead bodies, or using their elbows. How does this person treats his fellow colleagues?

Therefore choose Jesus Christ as your Saviour!